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LetsEncrypt certificate using ZeroSSL tools

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Let’s Encrypt  is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. It uses ACME protocol to validate your domain. If you have complete control over your domain, you can get a certificate for free. In order to provide secure access to your public network like HTTPS, LDAPS etc you need a certificate from a Certificate Authority. The cost of the certificate range from 10$ to 100$. If you want a wildcard certificate then it may cost more. The certificate is valid for one year and you need to pay and renew every year. Let's Encrypt comes for the rescue. You can create and renew certificate for few.

The certificate from Let's Encrypt is valid for 90 days and you need to renew it. The entire process is automated. There are few providers who has online tools to generate certificate. One such tool is ZeroSSL and in this article we are going to discuss generating certificate using ZeroSSL online tool.

Zerossl detail tab

Details Tab:

  1. Provide your domain name
  2. Accept terms and condition
  3. Click next, CSR will be generated
  4. Click next, Account key will be generated. This is a private key, which identifies your account.
  5. Copy or download account key and CSR
  6. Select HTTP or DNS verification and Click next

Zerossl verification tab

Verification Tab:

  1. If HTTP verification is selected, a file will be provided which has to be dropped in your webserver. Once done, click the link to verify
  2. If DNS verification is selected, DNS text record and value will be provided which should be added in your DNS. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, so that DNS changes will get reflected. Click next to verify.

Zerossl certificate tab

Certificate Tab:

  1. You got the certificate.
  2. Download the certificate and domain key.
  3. Rename certificate file as <your-domain>-certificate.crt and domain key file as <your-domain>-privatekey.key
  4. Keep these file safe.

We are in a deliberate need to secure our systems and we need SSL certificate. I can use self-signed certificate but others will not accept it. This is forcing every one to buy a one. The certificate providers are providing other ancillary services for the money they charge. For some one who require just a certificate and doesn't bother of renewing it every 90 days then you can certainly choose Lets Encrypt. 

I sincerely thank and appreciate the effort of Lets Encrypt.



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